CCK2 2.1(.1) is Officially Available

I announced and released CCK2 2.1 to my mailing list subscribers last week. A couple bugs were found and fixed, and so I am officially releasing CCK 2.1.1 to the world and making it available as an update to CCK 2.0 users. You can download it here.

This new CCK2 represents a major change over previous versions in that it no longer depends on the distribution/bundles directory when using AutoConfig. It creates its own directory (cck2) that should be preserved across Firefox installs. I made this change in anticipation of Firefox 40 where the distribution/bundles directory will no longer work. For people that were using the distribution/bundles directory to distribute their own add-ons, I’ve enabled the cck2/bundles directory to serve the same purpose. As with the distribution/bundles directory, add-ons built with the SDK and restartless add-ons will not work.

Other changes in this new version include the ability to disable various new Firefox features like Pocket and Social Sharing.

I’ve also made a change to the export function that should make it easier to move CCK2 configs to other machines. If you’ve placed your resources (search plugins, certs, etc.) under your output directory, when you export your config, it will use relative paths. After transferring all the data to the new machine, you can edit the JSON file to change to the new output directory before importing.

As always, the CCK2 Wizard is provided as-is. You can open issues and feature requests, as well as participate in forum discussions at, but the only way to guarantee responses is to purchase a CCK2 Support plan.

I really appreciate the support of the folks who have done that.

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22 thoughts on “CCK2 2.1(.1) is Officially Available

  1. Thanks again for this awesome utility. It has helped a lot to distribute around 5000 Firefoxes in our company. Keep up the great work, man!

  2. I’m seeing something weird when launching a newly installed Firefox with an built using CCK 2.2.1 (using Greg Neagle’s AutoPkgr recipe which downloads Firefox for Mac, incorporates the automatically, and builds an installation package for it). When I launch Firefox for the first time, under the Firefox menu where I’d normally see About Firefox, I only see a Quit Firefox option, and all the other menus are similarly abbreviated. The keyboard shortcut to open up Firefox preferences do not work either. If I quit Firefox and reopen it, then everything is normal. I’m seeing this across multiple Macs but only on first launch.

      • Mike, I’ve now seen this on new installs of Firefox without any autoconfigs involved, so it looks like it’s not related to the CCK. Seems like it occurs if I’m copying Firefox into the /Applications folder and replacing an existing Firefox installation. Will need to experiment more. Thanks!

      • I found a similiar problem with the newest CCK. I’m using the bundles-Folder and the addon in there (Clippings) will be activated after a restart of Firefox. I think CCK itself is the reason, because all other functions of CCK are working fine at the first start. Maybe you can solve this problem.

  3. Hello Mike, first of all thank you for your work. I’ve looked through a lot of your site and I’ve seen a lot of praise. Alas, even looking everywhere I couldn’t find an answer to my question:

    Your CCK outputs either a .zip or a .xpi file , but is there any way to obtain an .exe installation file that can be used by non tech people?

  4. We use this excellent product to configure firefox for our users. I found a bug. In the network settings when you specify a url for the proxy settings. If you reopen the add-in the path to the file has the path to the addin save location.

    So example
    the field may have been specified as :
    But when reopening the Addin up again the path will be displayed as:

    The addin is built correctly but when opening it up it appends the save location to it.

  5. I cannot use your CCK2 as Firefox 43.0.4 says it cannot verify the CCK Addon. How do I resolve this so I can use the CCK?


      • Hey Mike,

        I am currently running CCK2.1.1.12 and I am experiencing the same issue that Larry noted earlier. The extension is not verified and, therefore, is being disabled by Firefox. I have tried to get it working with every version of Firefox from v43.0.0 all the way to v44.0.2. None of them verify cck2. Any advice? Thanks so much.

          • That is the same version that I was using that is reporting as not signed. CCK2.1.1.12 – file size 128,725 bytes. Maybe I have some other issue going on? The only way I have been able to get the extension working is if I manually change xpinstall.signatures.required to false. But I shouldn’t have to do that if it’s signed.

            Also, where can I download the latest ADMX file for Group Policy? Cheers,

            • I’m at a loss. That version is definitely signed and I can install it.

              As far as ADMX goes, Firefox doesn’t have official Group Policy support. All you can do is search the web and try to find something.