The End of Firefox 31 ESR

With the release of Firefox 39 today also comes the final release of the Firefox 31 ESR (barring any security updates in the next six weeks).
That means you have six weeks to manage your switch over to the Firefox 38 ESR.

If you’ve been wondering if you should use the ESR instead of keeping up with current Firefox releases, now might be a good time to switch. That’s because there are a couple features coming in the Firefox mainline that might affect you. These include the removal of the distribution/bundles directory as well as the requirement for all add-ons to be signed by Mozilla.

It’s much easier going from Firefox 38 to the Firefox 38 ESR then going from Firefox 39 to the Firefox 38 ESR.

If you want to continue on the Firefox mainline, you can use the CCK2 to bring back some of the distribution/bundles functionality, but I won’t be able to do anything about the signing requirement.

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3 thoughts on “The End of Firefox 31 ESR

  1. What is the benefit to switch from mainline to ESR and is ESR version free or paid version? Can CCK2 generated my own customized add-on be still run under new Firefox 40 or later mainline version without signing? Thanks.

    • The main advantage of using the ESR is that major Firefox changes will take longer to affect you. In addition, we’re hoping that the signing requirements don’t make it to the ESR at all.

      And yes, your CCK2 customized add-on will work on Firefox 40 (with a warning). Starting with Friefox 41, it won’t work at all.

  2. I understand the changes coming with ESR38, but I have a question about ESR31. We use the distribution/bundles directory. However we also patch Firefox via Symantec Management Agent patching process. When Firefox is patched it appears it is actually doing a new install and all my customization is lost. Any suggestions?