The Future of Keyword Search

A lot of folks have been asking about the future of my Keyword Search extension with the switch to WebExtensions coming with Firefox 57. Unfortunately, because Keyword Search relies on the internals of browser search as well as access to privileged pages, it can’t be simply ported to a WebExtension.

What I’ve done instead is created a WebExtension that uses the omnibox API. In order to execute a keyword search, you simply type the letter “k” followed by a space and then the search. That search will be sent to the Keyword Search WebExtension.

Because I don’t have access to the list of search engines in the browser, I’ve just created a basic set based on the US version of Firefox. You can also set a custom search URL. If you’d like your favorite search engine added to Keyword Search, please let me know.

I’ve also decided to make this a completely different extension on AMO so that existing users are not migrated. You can get the new extension here.

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6 thoughts on “The Future of Keyword Search

  1. Hi there. I cannot imagine using the web without keyword search. Adding the “k” in front is very annoying. Will you be able to make it like it was in the legacy addon?

      • What a shame. I’m already flooding Wikipedia with my Google requests. If you happen to know any workaround to have (effectively) two separate search bars, I will gladly try anything.

        • Me too. The ability to type in one box and search google, then another for wiki (and right click on selected text to wiki) was one of the main reasons I used firefox in many situations. I guess it’s simply impossible with the new version?

      • Could you give us the possibility to define more than just the “k” prefix? I’d like to have something like “w” for Wikipedia etc.

        A few years ago there was an extension around which did that for eBay, Amazon, Yahoo and whatnot.