Firefox Quantum and CCK2

Folks are asking me about Firefox Quantum and CCK2. Here are the answers to the most common questions.

The CCK2 Wizard is not working on Firefox Quantum. When are you going to update it?

The CCK2 Wizard is a legacy extension and as such will not work beyond Firefox 56. In order to use it, you’ll need to keep a copy of the Firefox 52 ESR around. The CCK2 Wizard does lots of interesting things (reading prefs, reading search engines, reading files, writing files, etc.) that are not possible in a WebExtension. Because the wizard itself is something that is used rarely (only to setup or modify a configuration), I don’t foresee a problem with this decision.

My CCK2 configuration is not working on Firefox Quantum. I get the message “Failed to read the configuration file. Please contact your system administrator.”

I updated the CCK2 Wizard to support Firefox Quantum on October 12. Those changes require that you push out an update to the CCK2 to your clients. The only files that need to be updated are the files in the cck2/modules directory. I recommend pushing out an update to cck2.cfg as well because I record the version of the CCK2 Wizard used to generate the config in that file. This makes it easier to debug things.

Going forward, when I update the CCK2 Wizard, I will display a web page letting folks know that they need to update their client configurations. I will also put on the CCK2 Wizard’s main page.

Can I still generate an extension with the CCK2 Wizard?

Starting with Firefox Quantum, AutoConfig is the only mechanism that will work with Firefox since the CCK2 Wizard generates legacy extensions. I have been recommending AutoConfig as the preferred method for a while now. I do not plan to remove the ability to create an extension, but I will be putting a warning around it.

Are you going to continue to update the CCK2?

Yes. I will continue to update the CCK2 for the foreseeable future. There are a few small issues with Firefox Quantum that were found as well as issues with Firefox 58. I plan to release an update to address these in the next week.

Where do I report problems with CCK2?

If you are simply reporting bugs, use Github. If you have a general question or have paid support, you can use Freshdesk.

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7 thoughts on “Firefox Quantum and CCK2

  1. I installed today a fresh version of CCK2 ( under Firefox 52 ESR, imported old config from 2016-12, exported AutoConfig.
    After applying to Firefox 57 (which can not start because error with configuration file) –> Problem with configuration file exists furthermore. 🙁
    How can we solve this problem? The important workplaces are downgraded now to FF 52 ESR, but we have some workplaces which need the newest FF 57 + (e.g. for software test).

    • I am still trying to determine the source of this problem.

      I have been given failing configurations to test, but they work on my machine, so it appears to be something in the profile.

      I am continuing to investigate.

      Would you be willing to send me your configuration to see if it recreates the problem locally? If so, please use

      • Once you replace the files, you often have to start FF in Safe Mode once in order to clear the error.

        Just start in Safe Mode (Shift double click).
        Close Firefox.
        After that is should open fine.

        This doesn’t happen in every case, but I’ve seen it in a fair number of my devices.

  2. Hi,
    not everyone of my users has to use the firefox addons Clippings and greasemonkey. Up until now I used to install them just by copying them into C:\Program Files (x86)\Firefox\cck2\bundles. But greasemonkey 4.0 and clippings 6.0 won’t load. I’m using Firefox 57.0 64 bit. Is there anything I can do, to start these addons without actually installing them to user profiles?


    • Because they are web extensions now, you can’t use the bundles mechanism. So you will have to explicitly install them to the profile using the CCK2 or some other method.