You CCK2 has been updated

Your CCK2 has been updated to the latest version. Click here for more information about this update.

IMPORTANT: You must regenerate your CCK2 packages and redeploy them to make sure you have the latest changes. This update only updates the extension. You must update your users.

Starting with Firefox 62, AutoConfig is sandboxed to its original API by default.

There is a preference (general.config.sandbox_enabled) that can be set to false to allow the CCK2 to work. (I set that pref in the latest version of the CCK2.)

This preference will be removed on rapid release once a sufficient amount of CCK2 functionality has been moved into Firefox via the GPO and the policy engine. That could happen as soon as Firefox 64.

AutoConfig will NOT be sandboxed on the ESR.

I strongly recommend investigating the new policy engine and GPO support on Firefox as a replacement for CCK2. You can get more information here. Download CCK2