Extension Update UI

If you’re upgrading your users and you don’t want the extension update dialog to show, just set the preference extensions.showmismatchUI to false.

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One thought on “Extension Update UI

  1. While this is roughly 99% safe, there are a few ways that users could notice issues.
    If they have add-ons that are not compatible with the new version of Firefox, but a newer compatible version is available, Firefox will start up with that add-on disabled until the background add-on update gets around to downloading it instead of upgrading the add-on during startup.
    Similarly, an add-on can be published with a limited compatibility range and then the details can be updated at addons.mozilla.org to support new Firefox versions without needing to publish a new version of the add-on. This will also be disabled at startup if the update dialog doesn’t run.

    The most serious concern is if the user has an add-on that was published as “compatible by default”, but is *not* actually compatible with the new version (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Firefox/Updating_add-ons_for_Firefox_10#Compatible_by_default). In that case we rely on the update from addons.mozilla.org to disable the add-on so that the user’s browser doesn’t break. This was a major concern when compatible by default was first introduced; it’s one of the reasons we added the dialog. Fortunately there aren’t many add-ons that need this protection any more, and for those that do we can usually publish a compatibility update in advance, so the risk of problems is quite low.

    We’re working on reducing how often the update dialog is shown in https://bugzil.la/760356, and on making it easier to cancel in https://bugzil.la/772484.