Time for Something Different (Well Not That Different)

The month of June has some particular milestones in my IBM career. June 29, 1989 was my first day as a co-op. June 7, 1993 was my first day as a full-time employee. And just about every promotion I’ve ever received was in June.

And now it’s time for another one.

Effective June 30, I will be taking a leave of absence from IBM to work on Firefox.

I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t that what I do at IBM? Actually, there is very little Firefox work left in IBM, and most of that is me. What I have determined about myself is that I really enjoying working in the Mozilla community and I want to figure out if there is enough interesting work out there in the Firefox space to keep myself gainfully employed.

So my plan is (with IBM’s approval) to offer consulting/contracting services around Firefox during my leave of absence.

So if you need help with enterprise deployment/customization of Firefox or developing custom Firefox extensions, you can drop me a line – consulting at kaply.com.

And for all you OS/2 users, don’t freak out; the OS/2 builds will continue. I’ll probably setup a tip jar for the extra bandwidth I’ll need at home.


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  1. RyanVM Avatar

    If you need somewhere to host your OS/2 builds, I’d be happy to lend you a subdomain and all the bandwidth & disk space you need.

  2. Congratulations; and good luck!

  3. Wow, that’s a big move, and I really wish you the best. Viva la 48 Days!!!

  4. Matthias Versen (Matti) Avatar
    Matthias Versen (Matti)

    I wish you good luck, too bad that there is not much Firefox work left at IBM !

  5. Mike, very glad to hear about this. Let’s chat soon!

  6. best of luck to ya Mike! i’m sure you’ll be successful.

  7. sean walmsley Avatar
    sean walmsley

    I’m not sure if you’re still actively developing the CCK extension, but here is some feedback based on a first try using your beta 2 for FF3. I’d have e-mailed you except that I can’t find an address on your blog.

    Firefox version 3.0 for Solaris SPARC (Sun Beijing contributed build)
    – CCK Customize Extension Screen: The unique ID field is only 50% as high as the others on the screen, and it seems to have a much larger font. As a result, you can’t see what you type. Workaround is to type the desired text elsewhere and copy/paste it in.
    – Customizing both the Bookmarks Toolbar and Bookmarks Menu seems to have stopped working. No matter what I enter for these, the modifications don’t show up at all when I apply the extension. This worked in FF2/CCK1.1. Note that I removed my $HOME/.mozilla directory, so this is not the result of old config hanging around.

  8. Aaron told me the news a week or so ago – best of luck!

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